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Job Search Sherpa

Job Search Sherpa from Resume Butler is a guide designed to help you navigate the job search process. The Job Search Sherpa is a road map to follow to keep your job search organized. In this section you will find a step by step method to help make your job search a success.

Know Your Career Options

The first step in any job search is to know your career options . This section also includes links to job outlooks, career development and more.

Write or Fine Tune Your Resume

Resume Guide is the most comprehensive resume resource on the internet today. Receive in depth information about how to Write a Resume. This section also contains Sample Resumes, Resume Keywords, Power Verbs and more.

Get Your Resume Seen

This section will help you get your resume a high level of visibility. Here you will find information about Job Boards, Resume Distribution, and placing your resume on a personal website. Also be sure to visit the Networking Center for additional tips to help you get noticed.

Getting Ready for a Job Interview

Job Interviewing Center can help you get ready for that all important interview. Here you will find information about Types of Interviews, and how to handle Difficult and Illegal Questions and more.

Following up on an Interview

Did you know according to a recent survey, less than 20% of applicants write a thank you note after an interview. Of the recruiters surveyed, 94% said that a thank you letter would increase the applicant's chances of getting the job, or at least help him/her stay in the running, provided the applicant is otherwise qualified. Visit the Letter Center to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Negotiating Compensation

This section can help you determine how much a job should be paying you.

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