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Job Search Resources from Resume Butler, can provide you with critical information to make your job search a success. This section has information on using resume distribution services to get your resume seen.

Be sure to also visit Job Boards and Personal Websites to help give your resume a higher level of visibility.

Resume Distribution services are companies that email resumes to subscribed recruiters. At Resume Miners we use a number of these services to receive resumes of job candidates. Using one of these resume distribution services says that the candidate is serious about finding a job. This is something that recruiters look for in candidates.

If you have not already visited Resume Keywords in the Resume Center it is advisable to so before distributing your resume. Most recruiters place resumes in a database so having the right key words are very important. Resume Keywords can show you how to structure your resume to receive the widest possible visibility.

In addition, before distributing a resume on the internet you should read Safe Job Hunting. This article will show you a few simple things you can do to protect your identity from identity thieves while job hunting on line. This is defiantly a must read.

Below is a listing of some of the resume distribution services available. This list is by no means comprehensive and you defiantly should not restrict yourself to only these companies.

Resume Distribution Services

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The efficient, PROACTIVE way to send your resume.

CareerXpress.com puts your resume before 60,000+ hiring managers and recruiters registered in 70+ disciplines!

Resume Distribution and offers services to post your resume to 75 career sites instantly.

Instantly Distribute your resume to up to 10,000 Top Recruiters!

Hire Me.Net
Offers services to e-mail your resume and cover letter to 1000's of Top Employers and Recruiters!

Be sure to visit Job Boards and Personal Websites to help give your resume a higher level of visibility.

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