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Resumes on a Personal Website

Job Search Resources from Resume Butler, can provide you with critical information to make your job search a success. This section has information on putting your resume on a personal website to get your resume seen.

Be sure to also visit Job Boards and Resume Distribution to help give your resume a higher level of visibility.

Resumes on Personal Websites are increasingly important to recruiters to find job candidates. Below are some tips to create a website or if you already have your resume on a website we can show you how to increase the chances that it will be found.

First, if you have not already visited Resume Keywords in the Resume Center it is advisable to so before placing your resume on the internet. Most recruiters use search engines such as Google to search for resumes so having the right key words are very important. Resume Keywords can show you how to structure your resume to receive the widest possible visibility.

In addition, before placing a resume on the internet you should read Safe Job Hunting. This article will show you a few simple things you can do to protect your identity from identity thieves while job hunting on line. This is defiantly a must read.

Resumes on Personal Websites

First step if you do not already have on is getting a personal web page. This is much easier then you think. Just visit AOL ,MSN, Yahoo, or one of the many free home page providers. Consider this a throw away website after you have found your job. We do recommend you stay with a large provider as many of these sites need to be searched by recruiters individually.

Next Step is to build your website. This is very easy to do most of the providers have every easy tools to help you build a site. Also, you most likely have Microsoft Font Page already installed on your computer. This web publisher is designed for first time web publishing.

Building to Get Your Resume Found

Your final step is to make a few simple changes to get your resume found by the search engines, recruiters, employers, and automated resume data miners.

The Title of Your Web Page

Your title should have two part: the first is "My Resume" and the second part is the Job Title. Hopefully you have visited Resume Keywords already so you have a good idea what title you should use. Once you have an appropriate job tile place it in the title section so it looks like this:

My Resume - Your Job Title

Do not put your name in the title. The people that search for resumes on the internet do not care about your name. They search for job titles.

Doubling the Chances Your Resume Will Be Found

Here is a trick to increase you chances your resume will be found. Create a second web page and write a career objective. For information about career objectives visit Resume Miners Resume Center.

When you write your career objective use a different job title keyword. The title of your second web page should look like this:

My Resume - Your Second Job Title - Career Objective

In the first sentence of your career objective page make sure you use the name of your second job title. In addition, you also need to place a link back to your resume. And that is all there is to it.

Be sure to visit Job Boards and Resume Distribution to help give your resume a higher level of visibility.

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